Sketchnoting workshops

I offer regular sketchnoting workshops in Budapest for individuals and teams. 

What is sketchnoting?

Sketchnoting is about combining simple images and keywords to synthesize information. With its help you can create personal visual notes that support you in your life and work.

What is it good for?

Sketchnoting helps you to understand a topic deeper, to create effective visual reminders, to highlight connections and to structure ideas. Using visual notes increases your productivity.

For whom?

No matter if you are a student, a teacher, if you work in a big company or you are a freelancer: sketchnoting unlocks your creative potential and helps you to get organised on all walks of life. It also facilitates teamwork and enhances collaboration.

Warning! It is addictive

Be careful: once you get started, you won't be able to listen to a presentation or take part in a meeting without sketchnoting and doodling. You will want to take your notebook everywhere you go.

Glimpses of a sketchnoting workshop

A short movie made by M2 Petőfi TV channel

For the dates and details of the next workshop, please visit my Facebook page. 

Get in touch

Are you interested in joining a sketchnoting workshop or organising one for your colleagues or friends? Get in touch with me.

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