What are you looking for?

I'm organising a conference

and I want to make it more exciting and memorable.

We want to improve our flipcharts

and develop our handwriting, visual vocabulary and presenation skills.

I want to make this content more engaging

and share it in an exciting and creative way.

I want to understand what is important

and communicate it in a clear, visual way.

I want to learn sketchnoting

to organise my ideas, plan my life and to boost my creativity.

"I want to make my event truly memorable."

Would you like to have the key thoughts and messages of your event captured and synthesized in real time? Would you like to boost the engagement of your participants during and also after your event?

Live Graphic Recording

We draw your ideas in real time. We can join you on-site or online and make your event unforgettable. After the event you receive all drawings in digital format too, so you can share them online. We live scribe and we can engage your participants with a variety of visual facilitation techniques.

"Our flipcharts are a mess."

You had a great meeting yesterday, but the flipcharts… They are barely readable. So, if you want to boost the collaboration and communication potential of your team, to develop your presentation skills or just to have a fun teambuilding day, we are here to help you with that.

Visual workshops

We offer a wide range of visual workshops tailored to your needs: Visual Thinking Foundations, flipchART workshop, Visual Coaching Tools and so on. From one-day trainings to three-days or longer in-depth courses.

"This stuff is awfully boring."

Do you want to communicate your key message creatively and efficiently? Are you looking for ways to make your e-learning material more engaging? Would you like to boost your promotion campaign with something unique?

Sketch videos

Capture your audience’s attention by unique, hand-drawn sketch videos. We create the videos using whiteboard animation technique based on the script and voice-over you provide, and we are there to support and guide you through the whole process.

"I'm looking for the essence in this crazy information overload."

This document, that report, dozens of emails every day… But what information is truly necessary for working efficiently and for reaching the next level? How can you have a clear overview of the most important structures and processes in your collaborative work?

Rich Pictures

Visualive Rich Pictures offer a synthesis of the most important information. We highlight the essence, capture complexity and foster a clear understanding. We digitally draw your corporate structures and processes. We create Vision Maps, user journeys, customer personas, storyboards, infographics as well as simple illustrations of products and services.

"I want to learn sketchnoting."

I want to develop my visual thinking skills and learn the technique of sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting workshops for all

Our sketchnoting workshops are open for all from beginner to advanced level. We offer a variety of thematics: Sketchnoting Foundations, Sketchy Structures, Mindmapping, Sketchy Planning and so on.

Excited about one of our services?

We are ready to work with you. Get in touch with us.

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