"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Working visually has many amazing benefits:

It helps to capture complexity.

It emphasizes and highlights what is most important.

It brings new ideas to the surface.

It catalizes teamwork and creativity.

My name is Réka Livits.
I am a graphic recorder, visual facilitator and sketchnoter based in Budapest, Hungary.
I offer the following visual services locally and internationally:

Graphic recording

Live graphic recording at conferences, meetings, talks, presentations and other events.

Visual facilitation

I help you and your team to work more efficiently by using visual tools.

Sketchnoting workshops

Learn visual tools for your own purposes. Reach your goals, express yourself, explore new horizons.

How can I support you and your work?

"I organise an event."

I would like my participants to have a memorable experience.

Graphic recording

Make sure that content is captured and remembered during your conference, workshop or presentation.

"I would like to use visual tools with my team."

Learn visual tools for meetings, cooperation, strategy planning and decision making.

Visual workshops

Tailor-made workshops on visual tools and methods for your team.

"I would like to use visual tools for myself."

I would like to learn sketchnoting.

Sketchnoting workshops

Learn sketchnoting step by step and let visual thinking enrich your life and work.

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