My name is Réka Livits.

I am a graphic recorder, visual facilitator and sketchnoter based in Budapest, Hungary. I work locally and internationally.

My passion is creativity.

I help people and teams to unfold their creative potential by using visual thinking tools.

How it all started…

Before committing myself to be a full-time visual practicioner, I have worked as a trainer, coach and vocational consultant in the European youth sector for 10 years. My mission was to support young people to find their authentic vocation in socially proactive and environmentally sustainable ways.

With this purpose  I have co-created several training courses, workshops and exchange projects funded by the Eramus+ and former Youth in Action Programme. The most significant of them has been The heART of Change project, that included the development of a course curriculum, a handbook and a coaching card set. I have been the coordinator of this project and also contributed as a trainer, facilitator and a graphics designer.

I have always had a passion for creative and artistic methodologies in youth work, and I always create beautiful templates and flipcharts for my courses. 

It occured to me first in 2014 that I could combine my experience on the field of facilitation, training and coaching with my qualities and talents as an illustrator and graphics designer. Diving into the emerging field of graphic recording and visual facilitation, and meeting inspiring practitioners from all corners of Europe motivated me to create Visualive, and offer live graphic recording, visual facilitation and creative team training and coaching services in Hungary and internationally.


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