How it all started…

I started to draw my first comics when I was 10. It was about Buffalo, who together with other characters embarked on countless of adventures all around the world. After many years of drawing lessons and graphics design education in high school, I chose to do a European Voluntary Service at mu-zee-um art educational organisation in Belgium. This made me discover brand new creative horizons and gave me the opportunity to explore a variety of art and craft techniques, and to work with diverse groups and generations through art education.

Afterwards I studied media and communication sciences. Paralelly, I have developed myself as a trainer, facilitator, coach and international project manager – that also became my profession.

It occured to me first in 2014 that I could combine my experience on the field of facilitation, training and coaching with my qualities and talents as an illustrator and graphics designer. Diving into the emerging field of graphic recording and visual facilitation, and meeting inspiring practitioners from all corners of Europe motivated me to create Visualive, and offer live graphic recording, visual facilitation and creative team training and coaching services in Hungary and internationally.



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Konnektor Co-working Space

Erasmus+ Programme

EPAM Hungary

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