Sketch your vision for 2023

Visual year planning workshop

4th January 2023, 18.00-20.30, CET


Take  time for yourself and get cozy with markers, paper and your favorite hot drink.

It is one of the best things you can do during the first week of the year.

During these 2,5 hours we will use simple and fun visual tools to reflect on the past year’s main events, learnings, successes and challenges. You will also outline your year ahead, formulate your goals and set your intentions.

We will use sketchnoting techniques, but don’t worry: you do not need any previous experience or drawing skills.

The workshop will take place on Zoom.
You will receive the link and all practical information upon registration and payment.

We will use the following visual techniques:

  • Mindmapping
  • Vision Board
  • The Wheel of the Year
  • Bullet Journalling
  • As a gift you will also receive a Visualive Year Planning printable booklet, which will help you to deepen your process of reflection and planning.

What will you need for the workshop?

  • Your favourite pens and markers (one black + 3-4 colours)
  • 5-6 pieces of A4 sized blank sheets or a blank notebook of similar size
  • Your journal (If you have one. Don't worry, if you don't. 😉
  • Your calendar
  • 3-4 pieces of A3 or bigger, blank sheets of paper for creating your Vision Board

Hi, I'm Réka, and I will share the Visualive year-planning techniques with you.

I am a visual practitioner based in Hungary working locally and internationally to support organisations and individuals to communicate more effectively, to cope with the challenges of complexity and to increase their impact by creating impactful visuals such as graphic recordings, sketch videos and Rich Pictures.

I am a graphic recorder and visual facilitator.

My passion is to share the power of visual thinking through my sketchnoting workshops. 


EARLY BIRD (till the 23rd December): 65 EUR
Normal (till the 3rd January) 85 EUR
This price includes the original Visualive Year Planning printable booklet as well.


There are limited spots for 12 people.
Prices include the original Visualive Year Planning printable booklet.
You can also order the booklet separately for 25 EUR.
Register via email by writing a short message to
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