Visual facilitation

Visual facilitation is about making teamwork more efficient, enjoyable and creative. May it be about organisational development, strategy planning, decision making, or regular meetings, visualisation helps your team to:

Clarify goals and objectives

You will be able to get a clearer vision of what you would like to reach.

Get a clear overview of processes and strategies

Visualising makes abstract concepts and ideas such as timelines, priorities, objectives and task lists easy to comprehend and to overview.​

Collaborate more efficiently and creatively

Using visual tools helps your team to work together more playfully and in the same time more efficiently.

Depending on your team’s or organisation’s needs and objectives, I offer two types of visual facilitation services:
Visual facilitation

Visual facilitation during a forum, workshop, conference or dialogue process usually happens in collaboration with a trainer, facilitator, organisation developer and/or HR professional. It can take many forms, for example:

  • Enriching the event by visual guidelines and invitations.
  • Visually synthesizing conversations and linking ideas. 
  • Inviting participants to co-create visuals and visually capture ideas. 
  • Using visualisation during a brainstorming session. 

There are many more ways and possibilities. Get in touch with me to explore together how visual facilitation can enrich your event or project. 

Visual facilitation workshops and trainings

I offer tailor-made programs for teams to learn visual facilitation for their own purposes. Here is one example:

Introduction to visual facilitation (2-days)


This training will enable you and your team to implement visualisation as a tool for presentations, meetings and planning processes. By acquiring the methods and know-how of visual facilitation, you will be able to engage your colleagues and clients with increased cooperation and efficiency.

For whom?

This training is especially useful for people in leadership positions and those who are in responsible for people and processes. It can be also beneficial for employees and people on all levels of the organisational structure: learning visualisation fosters proactivity, innovation and creativity, not only on meetings but during everyday work as well.


12 hours of content (excluding breaks)

Get in touch with me to explore together what kind of workshop would fit to your and your teams’ needs and purposes.

Get in touch

Let's explore together how visual facilitation can enrich your and your team's work.

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